P.O BOX 208-20105, Mogotio +254796098672 info@eminingtti.ac.ke
P.O BOX 208-20105, Mogotio +254796098672 info@eminingtti.ac.ke

College Life

Emining TTI is located at Emining Trading Centre which is 20km North of the Equator Crossing in Mogotio. The Trading Centre offers all the necessary support facilities which include a dispensary, hotels, administrative offices, youth centre and accommodation facilities. Life in Emining is average, it is not too modernized neither is it backward. Access is available in most of the on-demand directions with roads leading to Nakuru, Eldoret and Kabarnet directly from Emining. Accommodation with electricity and water in some cases is available and fairly affordable around the institution. A water pipeline under Chemususu water project is present at Emining is almost being commissioned for use. 


Knowledge is power, therefore the acquisition of knowledge is key. At Emining, we recognize that learning is a continuous process and hence we provide a conducive environment for our students to sharpen their skills. We offer courses in Engineering, Business, Agriculture, Information Communication Technology and Hospitality. Our trainings theoretical and practical based to ensure that students get hands-on experience.

Our trainings are currently offered on face to face learning and via oDeL which we recently launched in order to conform to COVID-19 requirements. We hereby highly encourage you to apply to Emining to further your studies on a platform of your choice; face to face or online learning. 

In order to conform to a balanced life that encourages healthy living and talent nurturing, Emining TTI is in the forefront when it comes to sports. Our students can choose to participate in any of the sports available in Emining; in-door and out-door, the most out-door activities being athletics, football, volleyball, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Basketball and netball while for in-door, Table Tennis, Scrabble and Chess are the most sought after. 

We sponsor students to participate in regional and national sporting events and constantly encourage the to explore their talents. 

Emining TTI acknowledges that career destinies a re also found in sports and aspires to support talent nurturing at sport level alongside academics. 

Don’t allow your grades to keep you at home, we believe in you!

====Sat for KCSE, Join us for Artisan courses for  2 Years. 

====Scored a D in KCSE, Join our Craft Certificate Courses for 2 Years

====Scored a C- in KCSE, You qualify for a Diploma course for 3 years